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Since the functional development of the recent development diagnostic tool VAS5163 is already set, it is called this year internally replaced by its successor Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering. The support is guaranteed of course, continue. However, it is important to note that the care of the necessary diagnostic data (term projects / ODX-based data) does not include the new vehicle projects. For all current and new (from MQB) vehicle projects we recommend the immediate use of the new tool.

The Offboard Diagnostic Information System is a software development of a vehicle diagnostic system for vehicle diagnostics of all brands within the Volkswagen Group. The developed software applications are open PC applications running on Microsoft Windows-based operating systems like any other software installable.

The detailed information can be provided only for registered users. The registry includes all common queries that are necessary for a unique customer assignment. Download software and software licensing is only possible after a successful authorization to use at your company, or at your local departments of respective brands of the Volkswagen Group.

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